Thursday, July 27, 2017

2015 Speech on Healthcare Global Budgeting by Patrick Conway MD, CMS/CMMI

On December 18, 2015, Patrick Conway gave a talk and interview at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health on global budget (DRG, bundling, future payment models, etc) for healthcare.

He was interviewed by Dr. David Chin.   The one-hour Youtube video is here:

An unofficial transcript is in the cloud, here.

I noted that in several of the speeches archived with transcripts on this page, Dr. Conways notes that it's been very hard to get CMMI demo programs certified by the CMS Actuary as statistically valid and cost-savings, an endorsement that would allow each demonstration's expansion to broader populations.


See another, a one hour presentation by Dr Conway, Christiana Care, transcript and Youtube link in the cloud, here.

See another, a 35 minute presentation at NASI, by Dr Conway, transcript and Youtube link in the cloud, here.

See another, a 20 minute presentation for Patient Safety Movement, may be 2017, transcript and Youtube link in the cloud, here.

Video online at Youtube, 8 minutes, CMMI staff talk about "Their Mission."  Youtube, Here.   Transcrip in the cloud, here.


Archive (as of July 2017) of 120 project reports at CMMI, collated into one document with hotlinks to each.

Includes table of CMMI telehealth-containing projects.  In the cloud, here.  

Friday, July 21, 2017

Feedlink for Blog Readers & Daily Email Signup for Discoveries in Health Policy

We've set up a basic FEEDBURNER website that facilitates enrollment in this blog in your own blog aggregator aka blog reader.  

FEEDBURNER also has a no-frills little box where you can sign up for an automated, once-daily email delivery of new posts.

Click HERE.  
You should see this screen:

With some blog readers, you should also be able to add our feed just by searching for "discoveries in health policy."  The blog reader I use on both web and phone is Feedly.

To be continued - We're working on a more sophisticated system that will provide an option for once-a-week updates.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Feedburner Link for Discoveries in Health Policy

This leads to a basic Feedburner home page for Discoveries in Health Policy:

At the home page, this link remains the browser bar address.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

FireNewsFeed Aggregator

I don't recall ever hearing about FIRENEWSFEED.

It seems to be a very simple interface that aggregates headline stories from maybe 50 sources and compiles them into about 10 categories.

Find it here:

For an example of the TECH aggregator:

For an example of the Source/BusinessInsider aggregator:

FireNewsFeed doesn't seem to have any "About" homepage and it's hard to find any news about the website itself on the web.   Interesting.  Very clean and simple.  There doesn't seem to be an Iphone app but you could probably just bookmark the website homepage (as listed above).