Wednesday, July 10, 2019

CMS Rules for Foreign National Visitors

CMS has special rules that need to be activated almost two weeks before a visit by a non-US passport holder (foreign national). 

CMS doesn't always communicate these rules clearly, but posted some instructions in the setting of a July 22-23 lab meeting agenda.  I've clipped them below.

Appendix A:  Foreign National Visitation and Federal Building 


General security instructions for foreign national visitors requesting access to the CMS campus:
All foreign nationals visiting any CMS facility must request prior approval at least 12 business days before the visit date in order to obtain foreign visitation access. To initiate the approval process, the following information must be submitted to the CDLT Panel resource box (

[this email box will vary depending on the CMS meeting]

1. The full first and last name (s) of the visitor (as it appears on passport)
2. Gender
3. Country of origin and citizenship
4. Date of birth
5. Place of birth
6. Passport number
7. Passport issue date
8. Passport expiration date
9. Visa type
10. Date of visit
11. Company name
12. Position/Title

If visitation is approved, foreign national visitors are required to produce a valid passport issued by their country of origin on the day of the visit.

Foreign national visitors who cannot produce a valid passport will be denied access, even if the visit has been approved. Approved foreign national visitors will be assigned a “Hosting Official” who is responsible for the visitor for the duration of their facility visit.

In addition, an “Escort” may be required and is responsible for accompanying a visitor while the visitor has access to HHS facilities, maintaining visual and voice contact at all times in all non-escort free areas or areas to which the visitor is not permitted independent access.

If you are a foreign visitor and plan to attend the July 22-23, 2019, Medicare Advisory Panel Meeting on Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Tests Meeting (CMS-1725-N; Published: April 1, 2019; Registration deadline was July 1, 2019), you must be registered as an attendee and provide the above information so your approval clearance process may be initiated. Once the process is initiated CMS will contact you directly with follow-up instructions for completing the approval request via the Foreign National Management System (FNMS).

Please submit inquiries to the CDLT Panel resource box ( if you have
questions regarding this matter and if you have CDLT Panel-related questions.

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