Wednesday, March 13, 2019

T2 - Infectious Disease Molecular Diagnostics - 201812 CMS NTAP and 201901 PAC CARB

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T2 Biosystems is a Massachusetts based molecular diagnostics company focused on culture-free blood-based detection of pathogens.   This allows rapid direct molecular pathogen ID before culture, and facilitates assignment of correct antibiotic classes in cases of sepsis. Product T2Direct.

T2 presented at CMS in December 2018 for a New Technology Add On Payment (NTAP).   T2 also presented at PAC CARB in January 2019, representing the potential and the challenges of a startup company in the infectious disease space.

In a zip file in the cloud, I've placed four documents:

201812:  One pager summarizing T2 NTAP application, and unofficial transcript with screen shots of their ten minute presentation.

201901:  Ten page PDF deck and one hour transcript of their presentation at PAC CARB.


Another innovative company in this space is Accelerate Diagnostics with the "Accelerate Pheno" system.  Here.  Once a culture is positive, this produce produces rapid antibiotic sensitivity profiles in a few hours. 

As of March 2019, AXDX has a market cap of $1.1B. (5-year, $11 to $28, $20 current; 4Q2018 revenue $5.6M, income -$88M.)   TTOO has a market cap of $125M (5-year, $23 to $2.80 current, 4Q108 revenue $10M, income -$50M.)

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